Andreï Roublev: 'J'ai essayé de ne pas regarder Roger Federer pendant le match'

By | 08/16/2019

Andrey Rublev analyzed his straight-set win over Roger” federer> in Cincinnati. The Russian player had a clear plan heading into the match. “I knew that I have to start since the beginning, and I was a little bit lucky because first games he was not really serving well”, said Rublev.

“He was most of the time starting with the second serve, and I know it is my chance to just go for it. In the end, yeah, everything was on my side from the beginning, so that’s why I broke him. In my head I was just trying to don’t look at my team, don’t look at the score, don’t look on Roger.

I don’t know. I was just trying to put in my head that it’s not — the score is, I don’t know, I’m losing or something like that, just to be more relaxed. And in the end, it works. It was good (smiling).” “I would say both of us was second set serving really well, because he started to mix a lot the serve and was really tough to return.

Was really tough to catch him, because sometimes he was serving even second serve even harder than the first. Sometimes he was serving wide really short, not hard, not really hard. Sometimes he was serving wide really hard. So in the end — I don’t know.

His serve is unbelievable, and when I broke him, I don’t know, it was just a little bit lucky and I took the chance. Then my serve, I don’t know, I was serving well, plus from the baseline, I was really solid today. So that’s why probably everything was, like, today on my side.”