Andreï Rublev: «Roger Federer est une légende. Regarde comment il pris la défaite!

By | 08/16/2019

Andrey Rublev was honoured and extremely happy to beat a 20-time Grand Slam winner like Roger” federer> in the Cincinnati third round. The Russian player, speaking in a press conference, said: “Of course, I mean, the biggest and the most emotional win.

But I don’t know. I cannot imagine, I mean, how the true champion and legend he is, because imagine is every day how much pressure you have. I mean, to know that you’re Roger and everybody is watching you and you need to prove it every day, and he’s doing this, I don’t know for how many years.

I mean, this is something, I don’t know, unreal. Now, I mean, I face it and I see how in life — I mean, because before I see this only on the TV, and when you face it and, I don’t know, it’s just, wow, like, he’s a true legend.

Even the way he took the, I mean, the defeat, I don’t know. It’s another level. He just told me, like, No worries. I don’t know. Like in a funny way. It’s so amazing. I know that my game is really aggressive. It’s really fast.

For some players it’s tough to control this. I don’t know. This is one of my advantages. So today I was just trying to take my forehand as much as I can and to try to dictate, and it was working well. So I don’t know. Today was really my day and not really good day for him (smiling).”