Andy Murray: 'J'aime quand José Mourinho est au poste de Premier ministre Ligue'

By | 12/01/2019

In an interview with Talksport, Andy” murray> spoke about Jose Mourinho returning to the Premier League as the manager of the North London club Tottenham. Murray said: “I love it when he’s in the Premier League. I just think he makes it so much more interesting, to be honest.

I think he would do a good job for Arsenal. The one thing about him is that you know he will win. He finds ways to win matches, tournaments. That would have been a great appointment”. On Arsenal getting low results, Murray added: “I actually haven’t been to the ground this season.

But from what I’ve been reading the atmosphere has been pretty bad – and I don’t think that’s good news for the players, staff or anyone there. Unless that changes quickly, a change has to be made”.

In an interview with The Age, former world No. 4 Tim Henman praised Andy Murray’s comeback: “What he’s been able to achieve in the latter part of this was unbelievable. When he was crying in that press conference, you felt his career was over.

To be back winning on the main tour 10 months later, it speaks volumes about him as a competitor. I think he’d had such a difficult couple of years. He was world number one when his hip gave in and there had been so much frustration. His story really transcends tennis and this is where it becomes a bigger story in sport and in life”.