Au tennis, c'est une affaire sérieuse, sauf si vous regardez Kyrgios: Jamie Murray

By | 08/16/2019

In an interview to Forbes, Jamie Murray commented on how competitive the game of tennis is. Andy Murray’s brother explained why he doesn’t only play men’s doubles in Grand Slams but also mixed doubles. “I play because I enjoy it.

It is less stressful than, say, the men’s doubles, with everyone a bit more relaxed. You see players laughing and smiling and stuff and a lot of people enjoy that aspect of it. If you come to watch tennis it is all serious business, except if watching (Nick) Kyrgios,” and i think the fans enjoy that aspect of doubles said murray.>

On the business side of tennis, Jamie added: “Before, it was all about getting a patch on your sleeves. Now social media is huge, and sponsors are more interested in that side of things. I don’t think it is as easy to find sponsors.”

Murray plans to wear British outfits in the future too: “It is not like I’m going to get a Japanese company wanting to sponsor me. I need somebody active in the UK and with contacts in that market to get me the best chance to bring on more partners”.

On his run in Washington with Andy, Jamie concluded: “I think we’ve played two good matches. It was obviously disappointing to lose at the end after having match points, being up in both tiebreaks. But, yeah, we played a lot of good tennis.

I mean, it’s good fun to play with Andy again, see him out there competing, fired up to play, and playing really well.”