Auger-Aliassime ne souhaite pas un bon anniversaire à Federer: 'Je ne le fais pas avoir son numéro '

By | 08/08/2019

Felix Auger-Aliassime and Roger” federer> respectively turn 19 and 38 years old on August 8. The Canadian player was asked about how it feels to celebrate his birthday in the Rogers Cup. “I didn’t think at all about my birthday all week.

It’s not my priority right now. I’ll just do as usual”, said Auger-Aliassime. “Whether it is my birthday or not, it doesn’t change the preparation for my match. Of course, it would be a beautiful gift for me to be able to go to the quarterfinals.

But I have a memory when I was a kid that there was a cake for Federer, because it was his birthday. It’s the same date for me. I thought, Well, I would love to play on center court and having a cake on center court. When you’re eight years old, it seems incredible to get a cake on center court.”

Asked if he will exchange birthday messages with Federer, Auger-Aliassime replied: “I don’t have his phone number.” Asked if he felt confident as soon as he got into the rally against Milos Raonic, he added: “I think it showed.

That was the plan. I think I did it well. I didn’t do that as well in the second set, but after those two sets, I’m not too frustrated with my game. I was doing good things. Of course, when you are broken by Milos in the second set, it’s difficult to come back.

But as you say, when I was starting the rally, I was able to turn it in my favour. I was able to win many free points with my serve, so it was a very good first set.” On his next match against Karen Khachanov, Auger-Aliassime concluded: “He’s at this stage because he knows how to win.

It’s going to be tough. He serves very well. All the players nowadays serve well. It’s going to be a complicated match again. He’s very good, very explosive, so I will need to impose my game on him. I can’t give him time to dictate the point. I need to be the one putting pressure on him, on my serves and on my returns. If I do that, the best can happen.”