Azarenka: 'Le tennis a changé quand Serena, Venus Williams est venue au tour '

By | 08/08/2019

In a press conference in Toronto, Victoria” azarenka> recalled the 2008 season when she, Caroline Wozniacki, Petra Kvitova and Agnieszka Radwanska started winning titles at a young age. Now, something similar is happening again as the average age of WTA winners is the lowest since 11 seasons ago.

The Belarusian player said: “I felt at the time that we were coming up there weren’t as many players that were coming through. It was, I would say, maybe five-six players that were really, like, making that step forward.

And there was a lot of players at that time who, like, Kim and Justine who were really, really consistent. And the game, I felt, at that moment when obviously Serena and Venus Williams came on the tour, the game kind of changed.

And I felt that when we came on the tour, the tour started to shift a little more in terms of physicality. So I feel this is just another splurge of taking that physicality to the next level. The younger girls are more powerful.

When I look at myself when I was 15 and I look at Coco Gauff when she’s 15 is about 28 years difference the way we look. But I feel that this is really what’s happening is that you know, a new wave of physicality is going to continue to change the game a little bit.”

On her straight-set win over Camila Giorgi, Azarenka added: “Well, she’s a very dangerous opponent, as I said, and today wasn’t any different. I felt that it was important to keep pressure. And if you don’t put pressure, she blasts winners.

But with that pressure, it’s a little bit more difficult. I felt that I did serve really well and returned well. So my first two shots were doing a lot of damage, and I think that was a big difference from the matches before.

But the Eastbourne match was so long ago, I don’t really remember. For me, it was important today to really play one point at a time because, against players like this, that’s what is important. And I think I’ve done that quite well.”