Bianca Andreescu partage sa conversation privée avec Serena Williams

By | 08/12/2019

In a press conference, Bianca Andreescu revealed what Serena” williams> told her during the prize ceremony of the Rogers Cup final in Toronto. The Canadian player said: “After I gave my speech, she’s like, That was very mature of you.

I wouldn’t have given that when I was your age. So coming from her, that means a lot. But, yeah, I would say I’m an old soul. I love to read. I love to research on my own. I just love to learn, learn, learn. Because I believe that knowledge is power and I enjoy doing that.

So I try my best to just become better and better. So I think that’s where she sees that from.” Andreescu continued: “I started tearing up because she was tearing up. It’s because I know how she feels. Injuries really, really suck.

So I just said, Girl, you are — I’m not going to say it (laughing).. You are a beast. You’re going to bounce back. You’ve dealt with so much in your career, this is just a minor setback for a major comeback, I’m sure.

And she was really nice. She was saying very nice things about me, so I really appreciated that.” “For sure, stepping on the court, I wanted to show her what I’m made of. But I try not to focus on that. I just want to put on the performance for myself and for my team.

And I think I did that in the first four games. But before the match, I was really, really nervous. I mean, I’m playing Serena in the finals of the Rogers Cup. So I was definitely nervous, but I think I handled the nerves really well.

I mean, before situations or scenarios happen, I’m pretty, like, anxious. But once things get going, then I’m totally cool.”