Combien de temps peuvent rester Serena Williams, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic? – James Blake

By | 08/14/2019

Speaking on Tennis Channel, the former world No. 4 James Blake commented on the multiple-time Grand Slam champions’ longevity in tennis. Speaking of Serena” williams> retirement during the Rogers Cup final in Toronto, Blake said: “Her body is not the same as it was in the 20s when she was possibly in her prime, she has played great tennis but just will the body hold up? It’s a question we are asking about a lot of the players right now, with Roger, Rafa, Novak, how long can they go.

Father time is undefeated as they say.” On Andreescu’s approach to matches, Blake added: “She comes up big when she plays big opponent, she gets excited, she is someone that plays great in those kinds of moments.

She is definitely someone who doesn’t have that button of her going out there. Let’s see how it goes, I am playing my idol and someone that I respect so much. Just being out there is a win. She wants to win these matches and you can see it when you get thrown into your first-ever Major, the performance she had in Indian Wells against Angelique Kerber.

She expects to win any match, she is no matter the moment.” Andreescu had to overcome some physical issues during last week’s Toronto: “When I felt my groin in the quarters, it was pretty bad. I felt it quite a lot”, she said.

“But the taping helped after I saw the physio. I wasn’t going to pull out in the quarterfinal match at the Rogers Cup because I could walk totally fine. It was just some balls that hurt when I — especially on the open-stance backhand. But I wasn’t thinking of pulling out whatsoever.”