Daniil Medvedev: 'Je me demande si Nick Kyrgios sert où fan veut qu'il '

By | 08/11/2019

Daniil” medvedev> spoke about Nick Kyrgios’s choice to ask fans where he should hit his serve in the last three matches played in Washington, including the final where they faced each other. “I find it’s very funny.

We need to ask him because I wonder if he really does what they say to him. For example, in my match point, I knew he’s going to do it. I thought the fan would want some big bomb on the T. I went for the T one, and he served wide.

Yeah, I find it really funny. As I say, I actually try to think about what is the fan going to say. I don’t know if it was him who decided to serve there or not. I find it funny,” said Medvedev. Before the match, Medvedev trained at the same time as Thiem on the centre court.

Why? “Normally, we try not to practice together at the same time. It was the first match of the day today and I wanted to practice at 10:30. He wanted 10:30, too. We practised together. After we did things normally. I did what I am used to doing.

He did the same. I believe it’s impossible to see the other player’s game. We see each other on the tour every day. It’s impossible just after one practice to say, I have to hit to his backhand, for example.” The match between Karen Khachanov and Alexander Zverev had not started yet when Medvedev started his presser.

Speaking about that match, the Russian concluded: Of course, I’m supporting Karen. He’s from the same country and a good friend. I see he’s up 2-Love. I will watch the match. It’s going to be a good one. I will prepare for whoever wins.”