Daniil Medvedev partage ce qui fait que Nadal, Federer et Djokovic unique

By | 08/13/2019

Daniil Medvedev shared what makes Rafael Nadal, Roger” federer> and Novak Djokovic so unique and tough to beat. The Russian only defeated one of the three, Djokovic in this year’s Monte Carlo quarter-finals. “First of all, each of the big three is totally different”, said Medvedev.

“In fact, I need to say every player is different. Every player you play has special shots. Especially regarding how many Grand Slams, how many Masters the big three won, they have something better than all of us. Of course, it’s tough to play.

It was tough to play Rafa. My tactic was to not give him that much time, to try to play deep, to not give him easy shots. It was kind of working at the beginning of the match, but then I completely lost the momentum. It was only him controlling the play, controlling the game.

Even a few moments in the match I tried to not come back but win one game, see how it goes, the moment I was close, he just played too good. That’s how it went. As I said, regarding how many Grand Slams, Masters these guys won, they have something inside of them, in their game, better than all of us.

Of course, we need to do our best to try to still beat them. I mean, that’s my goal. Every match I play, that’s my goal, to win. That was my plan today, to go on the court to win. Finally only won three games.”