Entraînement chez Federer, Novak Djokovic, Nadal a privilèges – Khachanov

By | 08/08/2019

In an interview to Eurosport, Karen Khachanov was asked how it feels to train with Novak Djokovic, Roger” federer> or Rafael Nadal. “You try to keep a high level when you play with them. But everyone is different. Someone is trying to improve his game, someone works on a certain shot.

But training with top players is good because for the best players there are privileges and holding a training session is easier. The Big Three do not practice together. Training with Djokovic once a week is good but it’s not that it makes you improve that much”, the 23-year-old said.

Asked if playing on a certain court helps, Khachanov replied: “You do not choose where to play on. When you leave a big stadium, emotions are higher, the crowd is bigger. I love playing on central courts, it gives me energy.

Space is different. The Big Three always play on central courts.” On his relationship with Medvedev, Khachanov concluded: “Daniil said he wanted to overcome me in rankings. We are friends off the court. I am happy if he plays well.

We support each other.” The former world No. 1 Dinara Safina spoke about the different treatment female players get compared to men: “In some ways, I agree with Serena: we are women, we have the right to vote. People saying that a woman is stronger than a man are wrong.

Carlos is a hard and tough umpire. He will not be friendly with you. He umpired many matches of mine and I was always respectful with him. When I tried discussing with him, I always lost, so I stopped. In the final there were emotions, tiredness and desire to win, but what can you do.

Men and women have not the same rules. It was rumoured that women could play five-set matches. That’s unreal. I still remember that at the WTA Finals we once played a five-set final. It was not easy, but it was just the final.”