Eugénie Bouchard répond fermement aux critiques des fans sa

By | 08/11/2019

Through her official Twitter account, Eugenie” bouchard> answered the criticism coming from a fan claiming that she checks social media too much. Bouchard insisted she is totally focused and committed to tennis. “I practised until 10:00 PM tonight”, wrote Bouchard.

Analyzing her loss to Bianca Andreescu in Toronto, Bouchard said: “I think it was a solid match from me and the best I’ve played since I’ve come back from injury. You know, she’s 20 in the world. She’s a great player.

So to battle with her till 6-4 in the third gives me confidence and just motivates me to work even harder.” On her connection with supporters, Bouchard added: “The fans will always love me. No, that was really, really cool to play a fellow Canadian in Canada, to have, you know, a sold-out crowd and to feel the love.

And I don’t know if she got a bit more fan support than me tonight, but I felt the love out there. And, yeah, I’m so happy she’s back, and I’m happy to, you know, continue playing with another Canadian at the top.

And it’s fun, you know.” On Andreescu’s rise, Bouchard concluded: “I think she’s doing a good job so far, so I don’t know if she needs my advice. But, yeah, I think she’s doing well. You know, we were actually messaging on Instagram when we found out we played each other, and we were actually saying how cool it is, like, that Felix and Vasek were playing each other first round and then me and her, and that it’s good for Canadian tennis.

I was like, Yeah, let’s just put a show out there. And she was like, Yeah, let’s go. And I think we did.”