Federer et Nadal ont non seulement une forte demande à Montréal – Chef

By | 08/10/2019

In an interview, the Montreal Rogers Cup Tournament Director Eugene Lapierre commented on top players’ popularity in the Canadian event. “When our team members speak with people by phone, Nadal and Federer”>names get mentioned.

Even Denis and Felix get in the mix. But I am also aware of Stefanos Tsitsipas’s raise. He is a very popular name”, said Lapierre. Asked if there is still a good amount of tickets to be sold within the event ends, Lapierre added: “You will never hear me saying that there are no tickets left.

We will always find seats. During the pre-tickets sale, more than 20,000 more tickets were sold than any past year of the event.” Speaking about the overall organization, he concluded: “30 percent of the people who work here – linesmen, umpires – are local.

The rest comes from Europe and the United States. It’s true that now through Hawk-Eye system players can immediately make a call and see it. But the human eye is still very good. When linesmen are wrong, it’s often just a matter of millimetres.”

Daniil Medvedev is feeling huge support in the event. The Russian spoke about his next match against Dominic Thiem: “It’s going to be a very difficult match like the last two times. On clay, he beat me. As you said, on hard courts it was 7-6.

It was a tougher match. I think he played very well. I know he’s in good shape right now. When he plays like this, he’s difficult to beat. We saw that in Indian Wells. So I’ll consider this match as a test. Am I able to beat players that are in good shape like he is right now and like him? That will be a good test.”