Federer explique le retrait de Montréal: 'Je suis différent place dans ma carrière '

By | 08/14/2019

Roger” federer> commented on how it felt to be back on Tour nearly a month after his Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic. The Swiss player, who skipped Montreal, said: “It’s the same amount of weeks like back in the day for Canada.

It’s just we lost a week because we gained a week on the grass. I liked it the other way, too. It’s nice that the grass court season is longer, so, you know, if you want to take somewhat of a break and prepare somewhat well physically and tennis-wise, it’s hard for me, I mean, at this age, I don’t know, but just to right away head into Canada.

It would be a very quick turnaround, because I usually take a week to nine days off after Wimbledon, and if then you want to train for, let’s say, two weeks, just basically can’t make it. I mean, you can run into Canada, but I don’t know.

I’m in a different place in my career, you know, with the family. And Wimbledon being the big goal, it’s important also to let it set a little bit and take time to prepare for the next part of the season.” Federer also spoke about his straight-set win over Juan Ignacio Londero: “Conditions are fast.

We barely had any rallies in the first set. It was just bang-bang tennis. And like you said, he had a good forehand. He hides is well with the grip. And because I have never played him before, it’s hard to see the release happening.”