Federer: «J'étais en colère contre Djokovic. Mais je ne peux pas attendre pour lui faire face "

By | 08/12/2019

Does Roger” federer> learn something from the matches he plays in? The Swiss player answered this question speaking to a group of reporters in Cincinnati on Sunday. “More from the losses than the wins”, said Federer, who wasted two match points against Novak Djokovic in last month’s Wimbledon final.

“Sometimes you win and you do not remember that vividly and losses stay longer with you, it’s normal, even more after a final where you were so close. But it’s part of the game and it’s important the reaction I showed from there going forward.

I was mad that I lost the way I did but at the same time, I felt like I cannot wait for the next three matches I play with Novak or the next time I can step up on a match court and show what I can do. You can maybe like, Everything is bad, I hope I never play tennis after a match like this, it’s just horrible.

It’s important to have a positive mindset going forward and I think I totally had that.” On how he celebrated his 38th birthday on August 8 last week, Federer added: “We were up in the Swiss mountain and we had a simple celebration. My wife cooked a birth cake for me and the kids loved it. We went for a hike that day and some friends came over.”