Federer, Nadal et Djokovic sont de grands souliers à remplir pour la prochaine génération – Soleil

By | 08/11/2019

In an exclusive interview to Tennis World USA, the Zhuhai Championship Tournament Director Leon Sun was Asked how he sees the future of men’s tennis after that Roger” federer>, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic retire: “They are big shoes to fill and also the transition will be gradual.

I am sure those guys have more amazing tennis ahead of them. The younger guys are stepping up more and more every day and the fans are getting to know them more as they go deeper in events. Here in Zhuhai, we have tried to create a mix of Next Gen and established players and then the match ups during the week become really interesting for the fans”, said Sun.

On the Zhuhai event, Sun added: “It is the first year of the event in Zhuhai. We have been aiming to make a great “first impression“ through assembling a world-class player field with a range of exciting, entertaining players who will appeal to the fans.

We are aiming to firmly establish the city of Zhuhai as a long term major destination on the Atp Tour. We have a great city, linked now directly with Hong Kong through the new 55 kilometre bridge. The event supports the promotion of Zhuhai as part of the greater bay area of China.

The fans in Zhuhai have shown they love their tennis and will come out to support the event for sure. There is massive, ever-growing interest in the sport and we have a fan-friendly venue with a covered stadium court and very accessible for fans to come out and watch.

Zhuhai has a proven record attracting strong crowds with WTA elite trophy and looking forward to the men coming to the city for the first time.” Asked if Andy Murray could play in Zhuhai, Sun replied: “Not sure! It all depends on when he resumes singles and then what events work for his comeback schedule.”