By | 08/08/2019

South Africa is a country with a strong tennis tradition but all the best players from the country (including the most recent, Kevin Anderson) have come from the upper class. Even though the apartheid ended several years ago, it still takes time to see the changes in the long term.

It’s within this context, that the Tennis World Foundation (TWF) organized a great event in partnership with Kingdom DNA. This partnership came natural, given that Kingdom DNA is a non-profit organization that supports children in the area, especially in Kayamandi, a 25.000 people suburb in the Stellenbosch area, not too far from Cape Town.

During the event, a coaching workshop was held, in addition to a donation of tennis equipment. 35 kids from different levels took part in the event, starting from amateurs to baby tennis players. Seven coaches – both professionals and volunteers – took care of the kids.

What happened in Kayamandi is fully in line with the mission of the Tennis World Foundation: involve kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to play tennis. Before the arrival of the TWF, the group had been training under the guidance of Kingdom DNA, although a desperate need of help and support is now requested in order to allow the most promising kids to keep playing tennis.

Just to give a better idea, right now there is no tennis court to play.
Training sessions take place on a multi-functional court where a net has been added to allow them to play. There’s no further need to say how important it is to give equipment and the chance to access tournaments in order to challenge other players and assess their current level, helping them understand what needs to be improved.

Whoever wants to help, supporting this group of baby tennis players, can do it starting from here.