Frances Tiafoe: 'Je ne parle que de NBA avec Nick Kyrgios'

By | 08/15/2019

In a press conference in Cincinnati, Frances Tiafoe commented on his passion for basketball. The American player said: “Massive NBA fan. I was arguing for about an hour before the match about, you know, some cat in the locker room, one of my good buddies, telling me that Ben Simmons is going to be like seventh, eighth best player in the league next year, and I just lost it (smiling).

I couldn’t let him have it.” Asked if he ever talks about NBA with Nick” kyrgios>, Tiafoe replied: “Yeah. That’s all we talk about. I don’t think we have talked tennis in the last three years. That’s pretty much all we talk about.

He’s a big Boston Celtics fan. Couple years ago when the Celts got us in seven, I mean, he didn’t shut up for, like — man, our relationship was almost done (smiling). Never been that pissed ever. Yeah, obviously he’s a huge fan.

So am I. Hopefully we can keep that up. I think it’s good for tennis. I think it’s good for us. So many weeks on tour. Tennis, tennis, tennis. Kind of gets your mind out of something. Something that we’re actually truly passionate about.”