Il devrait y avoir une abondance de richesse à l'ère de Federer, Nadal – Pospisil

By | 08/11/2019

Through his Twitter account Vasek Pospisil once again shared his thoughts on the lack of enough prize money for lower ranked players. The Canadian wrote: “Players ranked 300-500 have been completely stranded with scheduling and the ability to even compete in events.

In the era of the big 4, (where tennis is booming largely thanks to them) there should be an abundance of wealth, growth, and opportunity for MORE players.. Not fewer. Clearly the recent decisions being made by the governing bodies of our sport without full consultation of the players are already having a negative impact at the lower ranks.”

Roger” federer> and Rafael Nadal are back in the Player Council and they will definitely push for more money at a lower level. Meanwhile Pospisil spoke about his loss to Felix Auger-Aliassime in Montreal: “Yeah, I’m happy with where my game is right now, for sure.

I think especially even a month ago, I mean, I played Felix Wimbledon, but physically I didn’t feel quite ready. Obviously today physically I was having some issues at the end. But, yeah, I mean, I’m feeling like my game is there.

As good as it’s been the last three years, to be honest, since I was in the top 50. I feel like I’m playing a pretty high level right now. Just working my way forward to the net and physically trying to get stronger. Yeah, so need to put some work in the gym, for sure.”