Il est difficile d’imaginer que Roger Federer a 38 ans – Ancien entraîneur

By | 08/10/2019

In an interview with La Nacion, the American coach Paul Annacone drew differences and similarities between Roger” federer> and Pete Sampras. Annacone said: “All the help of the world cannot help you unless you want to change yourself.

Looking at Federer, Sampras and Henman’s careers, for example, the desire of triumphing coincided with the desire of improving. Being able to believe in yourself means a lot of things, including the ability to listen and the desire to learn.

Sampras was a special athlete. He wanted to be one of the best guys and he was very focused and able to understand all the aspects of his game and his preparation to achieve the goal. He was a master in accepting what he could not control and he did not allow himself that non-major things would affect him.

He understood how to manage his environment. He accepted both the loss and victory in a pragmatic way. He did not allow the emotion to overwhelm him and that helped his longevity. Roger and Pete are pretty different people and sometimes similar.

Roger has still a lot of tanks left and he still wants to go forward. During the last years of his career, Pete was more relaxed. But both their ways are good. They have had a great perspective of the game and they were confident of themselves as people and athlete: big focus, immense talent.

Pete understood and Roger understands their bodies and that helps them to maximize their talent. Pete has an amazing way of focusing and he did it at the end of his career to win the US Open after being titleless for 25 months.

Roger is happy in hitting the ball, hitting the gym, travelling. It’s different to imagine that he is closer to turning 38. He just loves tennis.”