Il y a de la confiance et du respect entre Serena Williams et moi, dit l'entraîneur

By | 08/10/2019

In an interview, Serena” williams>’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the relationship between him and the American player. They have started working in 2012 and they are still co-operating together which does not happen that often on the WTA Tour.

Mouratoglou said: “I think that we’ve reached a very good level of mutual trust and respect. The thing is, all the foundations of her game and her athleticism have already been built under the guidance of her father.

So my role is to take that and add to it. That requires keeping her motivated, helping her develop new things or helping her understand how to be more efficient with her existing game. I listen to her because she knows herself and how to prepare in order to feel confident on the court.

She listens to me because she knows that I understand her game, her background and I have a knowledge base that she can use to become even better and reach her peak.” “For me, finding a way to adapt to the player is one of the most important conditions for success.

Each player has a different personality, different needs and there is always a different way to achieve the same goal – to win. My coaching method, which I apply to everyone, involves learning to understand the player, how to speak to him/her, how to analyze that player’s game and how to work with each of them taking into consideration their particular personality.

I used to say that every player has their own world and their own language, and this is something you need to learn as a coach in order to be heard, trusted and followed.”