Il y a une domination de Rafael Nadal à Montréal, dit Directeur de tournoi

By | 08/14/2019

The Montreal Rogers Cup Tournament Director Eugene Lapierre was asked in a conference call on Sunday what are the new things that we learned during the men’s tournament. “We always learn a lot during the tournament”, said Lapierre.

“We have proof of that this year again. I would note in particular that the story was around the Canadian players this year. Even after seeing them in the four same lines of the draw, we saw there was great potential there.

We have good years ahead of us seeing those Canadians. We are happy about that. There’s also the domination of Rafael” nadal>. It’s good to have him in Montreal. He loves the city. He loves playing here. We have him in the final once again with maybe a fifth title for him.

So I thought it was interesting. But the big winners are the Montreal fans. The atmosphere was great for the whole week, starting on the Friday when the players came to practice. There was also the qually weekend, then the sessions.

This is what makes us special on the tour. I was listening to the report from the ATP supervisors on the tournament. It’s only positive. They were highlighting this fact. They said it was the organization of the tournament. I believe it’s because of the fans, not the organization.

They were noting the fact that they came in numbers. On Sunday morning of the qualifications, the line was down the road. We are used to that here. I believe the players feel they are appreciated, and this counts a lot.”