Il y aura moins de tennis à la télévision suisse quand Roger Federer se retire – Allegro

By | 08/07/2019

In an interview the former player Yves Allegro praised Roger” federer> longevity. Allegro said: “Roger always planned his seasons very well. I am sure he could play until 40 years of age. He knows what it takes to get well prepared into big tournaments.

He is the best ambassador for Switzerland. It goes much beyond sports. Roger Federer Foundation financially helps 50 Swiss athletes and women. He is not playing Davis Cup often but I hope Swiss Tennis and Roger will start a co-operation once he stops competing.

We have been having Federer for years, as well as Martina Hingis. It’s great. That’s why it will be tough for the next generation and Swiss Tennis. When Roger stops, there will be less tennis on TV. So it will be complicated for the Federation to find endorsements…

They need to be well aware of the difficulties in handling the post-Federer, even if Belinda Bencic will earn many places on the WTA Rankings. The reality is that Federer is a monster. He does easy things that are so difficult.”

On the young Swiss player Leandro Redi, Allegro said: “He is an interesting player. He has amazing timing, he can hit the ball so quickly and he already won a lot by playing just a few tournaments.” Redi himself said: “I was very emotional that Roger Federer spoke to me after the training session.

It was great. I played on grass for the first time. It was a very good and fun feeling. One of my goals is to improve my knee condition so that I can train more and improve my Swiss rankings position.”