Jamie Murray commente l'arrivée de Roger Federer et Rafael Nadal Conseil des joueurs

By | 08/09/2019

Jamie Murray commented on Rafael Nadal and Roger” federer> joining the ATP Players Council for the first time in years. Andy Murray’s brother, who left the Council, wrote: “Massive shoutout to Federer and Nadal for stepping up to join the ATP Player Council.

Despite the sports current success we live in chaotic times. My biggest achievement on the council may well prove to be part of the group of resignations that presented the opportunity for this to happen. Good luck!!!” Sebastien Leblanc praised the Canadian doubles player Daniel Nestor’s legacy.

In an interview to Le Journal de Quebec, Leblanc said: “Daniel had an unbelievable serve. He is tall and he covered the net in an amazing way. He was a powerful player and a teammate. I do not remember him losing a Davis Cup match.

He was a silent leader. He liked making jokes. However, we only played a few matches at a junior level. Last year, he was introduced in the Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame in Toronto. Several players were there, including Novak Djokovic, to pay tribute to him.

That did not always happen with doubles players. Doubles is totally different. The point is less easy but it can still be an amazing one. It’s not that if you are Roger Federer you will be a good doubles player.” Nestor recalled his last Rogers Cup match in 2018: “I pretty much got all of the emotions out in my speech on Sunday night, so I felt fine.

It’s just pretty much what’s been going on the last year, year and a half. I mean, I thought we played okay. Vasek played well. I played pretty well. They were just better. And that pretty much sums up the last little while, and my opponents were just a little bit better.”