Karen Khachanov: 'En Russie, ils s'attendent à ce que vous réussissiez même de plus grandes choses '

By | 08/10/2019

Karen” khachanov> and Daniil Medvedev will face each on Saturday in the Rogers Cup semifinals. Khachanov is happy that he and his compatriot are having success. “It’s nice to make, like, kind of history. Still, it’s a long way.

If we can make some records or making more history, it would be just great for us and great for the country, of course. Honestly, the funniest thing, we don’t practice together a lot of times. I think both of us, like I said, we play a little bit different style of play.

This year we practised just once in Sofia. It was in February. Actually in Washington last week, but it was just like easy practice. We just arrived together. That’s it. We didn’t practice against each other so many times. Mostly I was hitting with Andrey Rublev.”

On his and Medvedev’s popularity in Russia, Khachanov added: “Of course, after a while that two guys from the same country in the top 10, it’s great, of course. On the other side, maybe we used to have higher standards in Russia.

They are expecting maybe once you start doing it more consistently, you go deeper in Grand Slams. Maybe that’s the case if people start to more talk about you, support or let’s say make it really big. On the other side, there are so many people around the world, Russians, who truly support you, coming to watch tennis because they love it.

There’s always different kind of public in the country: some of them expecting you to do maybe better things, some of them, they appreciate what you’re doing right now.”