Karen Khachanov: «Je suis déçue par la foule. Ils étaient irrespectueux'

By | 08/09/2019

Karen” khachanov> defeated Felix Auger-Aliassime in a three-set match at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. The Russian player admitted it was far from easy. “I cannot deny that I got a little bit crazy with the crowd”, recognized Khachanov.

“But I’m really a bit disappointed, I could say, with the crowd as well. I don’t have anything against when they cheer for Felix. It’s normal. He’s home favorite, especially from Montreal. I wish they could cheer the same way in Russia for me (smiling).

But still, you know, not when I miss or not wishing me to miss, screaming during the points, Out. I think it’s unrespectful. I just got crazy. On the other side, I provoke the crowd, and that gave me also some kind of energy, as well.

I don’t know. I was doing some bullshit, honestly (smiling).

I didn’t have anything against him, so I just said sorry like in terms if he felt that I was going against him, that I was not polite to him. I just said sorry so he doesn’t think it was against him.

I just explain him that it was the crowd. Sometimes you cannot control it. I did it, and that’s it. But sometimes I think people should understand how to cheer. From one side, it’s great for him. I wish to have the same support. But on the other side, sometimes it’s disturbing the players.”