Karolina Pliskova se souvient de son incroyable retour sur Serena Williams

By | 08/09/2019

In a press conference, Karolina Pliskova recalled her three-set quarter-final win over Serena” williams> in the Australian Open. The Czech player said: “That game was a bit lucky; she had some match points, and they called a foot fault.

A lot happened in that one game, but from there, I just tried to hold my serve, and I got some chances. She still had more match points, but I played great tennis – even she said it – in those moments because I just went for it.”

On how it feels to reach the Rogers Cup quarters in Toronto, Pliskova added: “For sure I played better than it was maybe yesterday. So I guess it’s going to get better every day with what I play. And I always was, I am, improving with matches, which I have.

So I played some doubles here. I still have doubles today. So I guess that everything helped. And I was practising quite a lot, but still, matches are different. So, I mean, yesterday was not perfect, but it was not bad for the first match on hard court.

Today much better. So let’s see what’s tomorrow. I think I always start from zero, so I’m not really looking back. And maybe that’s bad sometimes because — not that I would not be confident, but I just don’t look what I have won this season or this year, and I just start from zero.

And I guess it’s different surface, different tournament, you face different players, So it’s something different. So it’s not that I would be, like, feeling that I’m going to go far this week because I just played good the first part of the season.

But of course it’s something, you know, what’s helping me to go through. And for sure the three-setters, which I played this year, so this I have in my mind. And, you know, I feel confident about maybe playing the third set because I played so many this year.”