Keys: «Après des pertes, je ne parle parfois pas aux gens. Autre fois…'

By | 08/17/2019

Madison” keys> shared in a press conference in Cincinnati how she goes through a loss. The American player said: “It depends on the loss. Sometimes I kind of just go and don’t really want to talk to people. Other times I kind of immediately want to break down the match and figure out what went wrong and why this happened and all of that.

Other times I just want to go lie down and watch Netflix.” Many American women are doing well, are close together in the rankings. Looking ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, Keys said: “Okay, that’s not fair.

We can worry about that — let’s wait until next year to start stressing about that (smiling).” What is she most satisfied with about making the semifinals? “I think the biggest thing, after having a couple of tough losses the last tournaments I have played, being able to bounce back, and especially after my first round here, being able to get that win and then just building on that.”

On her next match against Sofia Kenin, Keys added: “I think I have to do a good job at moving the ball around and honestly just kind of expecting anything. She’s really good at mixing things up and trying to take you out of your game. Just being super aware of that, and, you know, just staying really focused the entire match”, she concluded.