La Coupe Indo-Pak Davis Coupe la bascule alors que l'ITF et l'AITA refusent bouger

By | 08/15/2019

On 6th August, the Indian government decided to revoke a sensitive Article of its constitution. Article 370 of the Indian constitution accorded special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Following the revocation of the said Article, Pakistan which claims Kashmir as its own, decided to snap or downgrade diplomatic ties with its neighbor.

As a result, the Indian envoy was sent back by Pakistan, the train service was halted, and airspace access to Indian planes over Pakistan was also taken back. In such circumstances, things have become problematic for India’s Davis Cup tie against Pakistan that was to be played in Islamabad on September 14-15.

The All India Tennis Association wrote to the ITF on 13th August about shifting the tie to a neutral venue but the ITF is not ready to accept that at the moment, assuring it is safe to hold the tie in Islamabad in September, encouraging the Indian squad to make the first trip to Pakistan since 1964!

On Monday, 19th August, ITF and the All India Tennis Association will hold a teleconference meeting to discuss the security concerns and if that doesn’t provide the solution, the Indians will seek a hearing at the ITF Board of Directors next week to display their views.

“They have shared their security plans and based on that, they feel the timings or the venue need not shift. They do not understand the tension that has been prevailing between the two nations,” AITA secretary general Hironmoy Chatterjee said.

“We had asked for a dialogue with the ITF Board but they said the Board does not deal with Davis Cup matters, it’s the Davis Cup committee which does. So ITF security advisors and Executives will now discuss the matter with us on 19th August.

Now we will try to convince that they postpone the tie or provide us an alternate venue. If they do not agree, we will take a call on Monday what to do next.”