La foule de Wimbledon était moche à Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer finale – Srdjan

By | 08/14/2019

In an interview, Novak” djokovic>’s father Srdjan spoke about the entire Wimbledon crowd cheering for Roger Federer during the Wimbledon final earlier this month. “There was a lot of unfriendliness in the cheering of the English fans towards Novak.

I have the impression that they were less cheering for Federer and more against Novak. I think that is ugly and the fair play they are proud of here it did not exactly show itself in the best light. Can you imagine them whistling after the first missed service to the winner of the past Wimbledon.

But they did not count on the stubbornness, and Novak is naturally stubborn and he was getting additional strength from their bad relations towards him. He did not deserve that, he was always amazing towards the opponent, host, guests, organisers, ballboys.”

“Over the last ten years, Novak is the best player in the world. He will definitely have won more Grand Slam titles in some years, he will beat all the records that he does not have yet. A year ago, Federer had won 20 Majors and Novak 12, and now we are 20-16.

We will speak in a year again. His behaviour is great and I do not say it because I am his father, but because it’s really like this. He does not speak on a bad note of anybody and he always tries to be respectful.”

In an interview, the 2012 ATP Finals winner Marc Lopez commented on the difference in terms of earnings between singles and doubles players. The Spanish player said: “At the end of the day you earn what you generate.

It’s like in football or other sports. Doubles is a game that does not sell the same as singles. There the difference is in terms of numbers. I think it’s normal. People want to see Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and the crowd sees doubles less.

I think doubles players are well paid, I do not complain. Among the top 40 ranked players, you can live tennis well. Where there is more money is in the major tournaments, Grand Slams and Masters 1000s. To play the Davis Cup they do not give you anything extra, but it gives more confidence to yourself, to face the next challenges.

It’s an unforgettable experience, but you do not live from the past. I remember it nicely. It’s the only competition missing for me. I would be excited to win the Davis Cup with Spain before retiring. In 2012 we got close. We lost in the final.”