L'apparition de Roger Federer au Mexique pourrait être officielle dans deux semaines – Source

By | 08/10/2019

Roger” federer> appearance in Mexico for the first time since 1996 could soon be official. That’s what Renata Burillo, Director of the Mextenis Council Administration, told reporters speaking during last week’s Los Cabos Open.

However, Burillo did not want to confirm the news. Federer is set to play several exhibition matches in South America in November. “In general exhibitions feature a series of off-court events. They do not just go and play.

At the moment there is nothing done but details will soon be known”, said Burillo. “There is no contract signed, it’s only rumours. He is speaking of possibly having a Tour in South America but we have not decided yet the places where he would go.

We may learn something more prior to the US Open, and if Mexico is picked, that would be unbelievable. People name him as the best player ever, possibly bringing him and making the crowd have a chance to welcome a player of this level here at this stage of his career would be big.”

Also Los Cabos Open Tournament Director Jose Antonio Fernandez commented on the news. “We are in talks with his agent. We are finalizing some details on the contract and hopefully we can announce it in the next two weeks.”

Exclusively speaking to Tennis World USA, Jean-Francois Caujolle, the Marseille Open Tournament Director, commented on Federer and Nadal joining the Player Council again. “A champion has to be selfish in the way they manage their career.

They can be altruist and generous in their personal life (most of the tennis champions, Federer Nadal and Djoko are among them) It is a very good thing that Nadal and Federer bring another view in the players side decision.

They have à much more traditionalist and european view of the game .Jurgen Melzer is also a very good element.”