Les succès de Roger Federer et Djokovic peuvent inspirer Murray – Expert

By | 08/12/2019

Andy Murray’s former coach Mark Petchey believes that the Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Roger” federer> will inspire the British player to be competitive at the highest level again. Petchey said: “Playing doubles compared to singles isn’t like 50% more workload, it is more like 75 to 80%.

You don’t get three service games off in every four and it is much more than half the court you have to cover, especially against guys like Rafa, Novak and everyone else”, he said. “Winning, being No.1 in the world, taking another slam, that is what he wants.

To be competitive, to get out there and give himself a chance against his biggest rivals, that is what Andy is looking to do. There is no way in my opinion that Andy would come back if he didn’t genuinely feel he had a chance in one of these big four events”.

“The doubles court and practice look fantastic, but a lot will depend on long term on the workload that he is going to have to put on himself to get him back into the kind of physical conditioning he needs to do well on the singles court.

In terms of hitting a ball he doesn’t look far off it all, to be honest, but to put that together with all the movement he needs is going to be extremely challenging. That is whey there is such a good case for playing a Challenger event first, just to get back on the court. We have to understand what it entails to get back. There is no point rushing it”.