Maria Sharapova cherche quelqu'un qui puisse l'aider, dit Bychkova

By | 08/12/2019

The former Russian player Ekaterina Bychkova commented on Maria” sharapova> changing coach, switching from Thomas Hogstedt to the Italian Riccardo Piatti. Bychkova said: “Maria is looking for options, someone that can help her in finding motivation in order to keep playing.

It’s clear that the attention increased because she has had big wins in the past. We should just let her compete.” Sharapova played the Rogers Cup for the first time since 2011. “I think they’re passionate about sport in general”, said the Russian about the Canadian fans.

“And I think tennis has really been on their map because they’ve had a lot of amazing stars in the last few years that have really brought the rest of us on the map and got all of them excited about all the rivalries in the matches.

It’s just been a tough week for me, too, for some reason. Whether it’s injuries or just a tough week on the schedule, I just haven’t — I mean, the amount of times I have withdrawn from this tournament is crazy.

So the fact that I’m here, I was like, Oh, my goodness, Karl (Hale, Tournament Director), I’m so sorry I missed it these last few years. But I do. When I’m in the draw and I’m here, I do want to compete for the best that I can, and I want to play the best tennis for the fans.

And most of them maybe have never seen a tennis match before, and you want to show them, yeah, the reason that you’re here.”