Maria Sharapova: 'Quand j'étais plus jeune, les dix meilleurs joueurs étaient plus cohérent '

By | 08/16/2019

Maria” sharapova> was asked which era was the strongest in terms of top ten players. The Russian, who has been on Tour for 15 years, said: “It’s so hard to tell. I mean, I think on — I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have a different answer when I finish my career, but I think there is definitely more surprises now.

Maybe when I was younger there was a little bit more consistency in terms of the top 5 and the top 10 in Grand Slam champions. I guess I was a part of an era where you had Kim Clijsters and Justine and Serena and Venus and Myskina, as well, in the mix.

I’m missing many. They were, like, consistently there top 10, like, for many, many years. Mauresmo. That was — I don’t know. That was quite tough. Now I feel like there is a little bit more chance, you know. There is not as much consistency as a few years before.”

Sharapova recently trained with the former Milos Raonic’s coach Riccardo Piatti, who also works with several young players like Jannik Sinner and Borna Coric. Asked if he had trained with the young guys during the summer camp in Italy, she replied: “I haven’t trained with any of them, but we were in Elba together with Jannik.

It’s like dorm kids training.” Asked if she had slept in a dorm there, Sharapova concluded: “I mean, it felt like it. It wasn’t. It was a hotel, but… No, it was actually great for the few weeks. Yeah, no, some were there on vacation.

But, yeah, no, it was — I saw him practice a few times. I’m, like, following all his players. It’s fun. I feel like part of a group.”