Marseille Open, le chef rappelle des conversations touchantes avec Roger Federer

By | 08/08/2019

Jean-Francois Caujolle recalled the first time he saw Roger” federer> playing live. The Swiss was only 17 years old at the time. “It was in Marseille in 1999. I gave him a wild card. He beat the then world No. 2 Carlos Moya. I handed Moya a big appearance fee, so I was initially very disappointed but then I was happy because Roger was so nice.

He said I will always remember you for giving me the wild card. Even if I will be the world No. 1 in the future, I will be back in the tournament until I do not win the title. He finally won in 2003″, said Caujolle. Federer was asked if he ever thought about adopting a child from Africa.

The Swiss player owns a Foundation named after him and he has helped over one million children so far. “With our four children, it’s not easy! It takes a lot of work to organize all those trips around the world. But I admire so many people who do it.

It’s a long process. We have friends who did it, so I know. It’s amazing to give this chance to the children. I try to do what I can through my Foundation, but at the moment we do not speak about it with my wife Mirka.”