Medvedev: 'Rafael Nadal allait de mieux en mieux à Montreal'

By | 08/14/2019

In a press conference in Cincinnati Daniil” medvedev> looked back to his 6-3 6-0 loss to Rafael Nadal in the Montreal final. The Russian player said: “He played great. I started good, started good. Had breakpoint in the first game.

And even talking about first set, I only lost with one break, which is close. You know, in tennis one break is always close. You never know what’s gonna happen. But during the match, the momentum was changing totally. I was kind of losing energy, losing focus, and Rafa was only getting better and better.

Actually, that’s what happened in three — yeah, three matches that I had in Montreal but in my side, and that exactly happened against me.” On how he approaches a match, Medvedev added: “Usually before the match we discuss kind of what is my game plan.

I always say on the tour if you don’t play an 18-year-old wildcard, you know how everybody plays. Everybody knows my weak spots, also. There are other things that — I mean, you are playing Rafa, you know not his weak spots but what you shouldn’t do, and still you lose 6-3, 6-0.

Doesn’t change much. You need to play some great tennis. But basically, yeah, as I say, I know every opponent I’m going to play, so just before the match, the day before the match with my coach we sit down, kind of discuss the tactics, and it works many times.”