Monfils: 'Ce n'est pas facile quand vous avez Roger Federer, Nadal au sommet'

By | 08/09/2019

Gael Monfils spoke about the next generation’s chances to make a breakthrough against the older guys. “We have many good players but the guys who are at the top are Roger Federer and Rafael” nadal>… It’s not easy.

And you never know where the next big player can be born, if in Switzerland or Moldavia… It’s not easy to always be at your best and sometimes the opponent is better than me, or I am not in my best shape. I had a lot of injuries, but I know that if I am doing well I can compete against anyone”, said Monfils.

On how it felt to be supported by the crowd in Montreal, Monfils added: “It’s an unbelievable feeling. I’m just saying sometimes great to play smaller court, with the crowd very close. We can feel their energy, the passion, yeah, the love in it.

I love it, to be honest. It’s great. Sometime haters would say or misunderstand how lucky I am (to do) what I’m doing, to be healthy and play my sport and passion. For me, tennis is a sport, yeah, some people would say my job.

It’s my job, yes, but it’s a sport. It’s my passion. I can play with kids for hours. Play Grand Slam for me is just a passion. When I’m on the court, you know, it’s a blessing. I can see so many of my friends, they wish to be there.

Then I think just work for it, enjoy for it, just be myself, not try to play a role, whatever.” Is there a way to describe how much you love that you get to travel the world hitting a yellow ball? “It’s tough.

As I say, I didn’t expect. Now I’m older, so it’s easy now to look back a little bit. I come from nothing. People, now they see Gael Monfils, I should have this, that… I come from nowhere. That was great. That was a great opportunity for me to travel around the world, to see a different culture, to share with my family, to help my family, and me to enjoy myself.

Somehow with the years, you build your fan base, fans, discover much stuff. Yeah, I just a lucky man. I hope this never in the way. That’s why I keep working hard. Yeah, I still believe that I can wish my dream on that.”