Nadal v Medvedev finale comme celle de 2005 entre Rafa et Agassi – Lapierre

By | 08/11/2019

The Rogers Cup Tournament Director Eugene Lapierre is looking forward to watch the men’s singles final in Montreal between Rafael” nadal> and Daniil Medvedev. The Spaniard is 33-year-old while Medvedev is ten years younger.

“It’s rare that we have fights between generations. It’s a bit the case tomorrow. It’s like in 2005 with Agassi. So here Rafa is going to play against a very young player who wants to have a stand in the tour. It’s going to be a big battle between the two.

Medvedev has been adopted by the crowd here in Montreal because he speaks French. Of course, Nadal will have had a day off today, and he will be fresh for tomorrow’s final”, said Lapierre. Agassi was 35 years old in that final while Nadal just 19.

This is the first year Rogers Cup had the insurance for canceled matches, as Gael Monfils withdrew from semifinals against Nadal. Was it last year that prompted a review of that or had it been in the works for a while? “Well, there was a few occurrences in the past few years in other Masters.

I remember a couple years ago in Miami where pretty much both semifinals, the day and night session, did not occur. It was a nightmare. The tour started to look for packages for insurance. They offered something affordable for the tournaments.

That was just developed recently. This year we said, Yes, why not? Let’s do this. Well, I think it was a good choice. At least we’re not going to be losing everything”, concluded Lapierre smiling.