Naomi Osaka dérangée par la question sur la finale de l'US Open vs Serena Williams

By | 08/16/2019

In a press conference, Naomi” osaka> was asked if he ever re-watched her last year’s US Open final win over Serena Williams. The Japanese player was not happy at the reporter’s question. “Can you say, like, one noncontroversial question?”, Osaka said.

“I saw you trying to put your hand up a couple of times. I thought you were going to say something nice.” Has Osaka ever watched an interview of herself? “I tried a couple of times. But there is either, like, the squeaky-squeaker comes out or I just sound like I’m dying.

Honestly, like, I can’t handle it. I have to apologize to everyone.” On her dad attending her match, Osaka concluded: “It’s so funny. I didn’t know that he was going to be here. Like, I kept FaceTiming him.

I was doing the training block in LA before Toronto. He said he was going to skip Toronto and come to Cincy. I was, like, Okay. That’s cool. You’re abandoning me or whatever. You know, I played my first match. He wasn’t there.

And I was FaceTiming him. I was, like, Yo, the tournament started. When are you coming? He was, like, I’m coming on Wednesday. You know, Wednesday was yesterday. He never picked up any of my FaceTimes after that. And then I just randomly heard his voice during the third set.

I’m, like, No way. Because anyone that knows my dad knows that he doesn’t sit in my box. Like, it’s just a thing. I think he gets too nervous so he’d rather pace around. So, yeah, it was very — I felt like I was a kid again.

Then after the match when I saw him, I just started crying. He was, like, What’s wrong with you? I’m, like, Yo. I just was emotional.”