Naomi Osaka: "Je n'ai pas aimé jouer à Wimbledon"

By | 08/16/2019

Naomi” osaka> commented on her tough season. After winning the Australian Open, the Japanese player failed to deliver her best tennis. Osaka said: “I just think about all my life experiences, I think. Especially, like, the Wimbledon match I played.

For me, that was very rough, because normally I love Grand Slams. I love playing on the big courts. But for some reason when I was there, I wasn’t, like, enjoying it at all. Like, I was playing my match on, you know, the Centre Court in Wimbledon, and honestly, I would have rather be anywhere else.

So I was just thinking about that, and, like, thinking about all the opportunities that I was given and, like, how I’m kind of ungrateful for it. Like, when I lost in the first round, I was just, like, I need to start having fun, because, you know, you train your whole life for moments like that, and if you’re not happy in those moments, then there’s no point.”

Asked what means for her to be the world No. 1 again, Osaka replied: “I don’t really care about the rankings anymore. I don’t think too much about it. For me, I just try to focus on every match, because I know that every one that I play from now on they’re going to be playing really well.

And I’m not, like, a surprise anymore. Everyone by now knows my game, and I have to play, like, just basically play as well as I can every match.”