Naomi Osaka: 'Les joueurs qui cassent les raquettes ne font pas bien emploi'

By | 08/16/2019

Naomi” osaka> doesn’t admire players who break rackets. The Japanese player said: “I don’t really like breaking racquets and stuff. So I never really watch someone break their racquet and go, Wow, he did a good job.

So no.” Analyzing her three-set win over Su Wei Hsieh, Osaka added: “There was a moment in the third set where I just started laughing because I felt myself getting a bit irritated. But then I was thinking to myself, I think I’m getting irritated because it’s so hard.

This match is so hard. And I’m, like, But this is funny to me because I love playing hard matches. So how can I be getting irritated if it’s what I want? It’s one of those things where you think, like, this is the moment where you test yourself.

This is a moment that you think is, like, the moments that you live for. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking about. It’s always, like, watching her hit a winner off something crazy and I’m always, like, What the heck is that? But no, honestly whenever I play her I don’t feel like I hit too many unforced errors.

I just feel like she does some crazy stuff. She gets a lot of balls back. Yeah, we just play super-long matches. For me, I’m just trying to build on matches. Every match I learn something new. And then I try to apply that into the following match.”