Nous avons perdu environ un demi-million en raison du retrait de Monfils: Chef de la Coupe Rogers

By | 08/11/2019

Rogers Cup is trying to build a roof on the Central Court in Montreal within 2025. The Tournament Director Eugene Lapierre will try everything to make it happen, even more after Gael Monfils’ withdrawal from his semi-final match against Rafael Nadal.

On Friday night, Monfils’s quarter-final against Roberto Bautista Agut was postponed until Saturday due to rain, which meant the winner of that match had to play two matches over the course of around four hours. Monfils won his quarter-final but had to withdraw from his semi-final because of an injury.

“It’s clear that it’s a situation if we had a roof, this doesn’t happen. I mean, Gael plays his match, and Roberto would play a match last night (Friday), finish on time,” said Lapierre. “The semi-final takes place today (on Saturday), as it should be.

But that happens often everywhere. That’s why I said earlier this week, I think the way of the future for our sport if we want to promote it the right way, is to get roofs in order to guarantee play. That’s the reason.

That’s what it is. A night session like this is one million. But for the first time this year, we had taken out insurance for the last three matches, the two semifinals and the final. I have to see the details of the contract.

We might be able to get back half-a-million. We will be lacking several hundred thousand dollars. I still believe this year can be a record year, but we would have preferred this not to happen,” he concluded.