Novak Djokovic: 'La finale contre Federer a été l'un de mes deux meilleurs matchs de tous les temps '

By | 08/13/2019

In an interview to Tennis TV Novak” djokovic> looked back at his Wimbledon final win over Roger Federer. “It would probably be top two, top three matches that I played. Nadal final in the Australian Open, almost six hours, and this one against Roger, probably the most exciting and demanding matches that I ever played”, said Djokovic.

On the reasons behind his withdrawal in Montreal, Djokovic added: “It was a tough decision. I love playing in Canada, but my team and I thought that taking the next week off would be a good decision in order to get ready for Cincinnati and US Open.

I spent more quality time with my family so it was very much needed especially after the tournament I had in Wimbledon and the final was one of the most demanding mentally. It took a lot out of me and I needed some rest after that.”

Last year in Cincinnati Djokovic achieved the Career Golden Masters, it means winning all the nine Masters 1000s at least once in the career. Djokovic said: “I did try several years to complete the Masters and I played four finals here, could not really make the final step and playing Roger, the most successful player in this tournament, I played the best match of the tournament. It was a huge relief that allowed me to play my best tennis later on in the US Open and the rest of the season.”