Novak Djokovic: «Les grands joueurs de tennis ne sont pas faits pendant la nuit'

By | 08/07/2019

In an interview, Novak” djokovic> commented on how a player can switch from being good to great. The Serb commented: “Great tennis players aren’t made overnight. It takes a lot of time, a lot of commitment and dedication, but I think mostly a lot of passion and love for the game.

It also means being very clear with yourself and aware of what you want to achieve and making that an absolute priority of everyday life, especially at the earlier stages of the career when champions are crafted and players develop their characters.

Of course, another very important aspect is creating a team of trustworthy people that care about you and who have great expertise and knowledge, and people. You need a team you can rely on in good and bad times.” On the Astron watch made by Seiko, Djokovic added: “I think what appeals to me the most about the Astron watch is that it’s a traveller’s watch.

I travel as a tennis player a lot, it’s a big part of my life and my career. The Astron watch has the ability to change the time and time zone anywhere I go, and obviously it follows me on the tennis court, and off the tennis court, and I’m very comfortable and proud to wear it.”

Rod Laver, speaking about the keys to success and longevity in the long term, said: “The main thing is to enjoy the game of tennis. And that’s the thing I enjoyed so much being on a court and competing. To get the Australian Open trophy this year, presented by Novak Djokovic, was a true honour.”