Novak Djokovic se moque du billard de l'entraîneur Ivanisevic compétences

By | 08/17/2019

In his Cincinnati downtime, Novak Djokovic was busy with crushing one of his coaches, Goran Ivanisevic, in a series of friendly billiard games. The Serbian’s billiard skills looked sharp on a video that he shared on Instagram.

The video shows how he wins another match against Ivanisevic, who’s despite can be easily observed. Novak described the situation at the billiard table in the description of the Instagram post: “Post match drama on the billiard table.

I am challenging the call. Goran is really desperate for some help with his billiard skills. It has been quite a while since the last win for him. He forgot the taste of it. I know it hurts. But he is tough guy, he needs to go through the pain.

Good days ahead for him.. maybe”


Djokovic proved once again that his sportive abilities spread to a wide range of sports.

Recently, Nole was praised by David Beckham and Francesco Totti for his football skills during a futnet match that took place during one of his training sessions. David Beckham observed Novak’s control of the ball with his left foot, a leg that players have more difficulty with.

“Better left foot than mine”, commented Beckham. While David dared to compare himself with Djokovic, Totti resumed at a comment that suggests that the Serbian should have chosen football over tennis. “Better with your feet…hahaha”, noted Francesco.

If you want to see Djokovic’s football skills in action and the moves that determined the two legends’ comments, check” this article>.