"Novak Djokovic vous pousse à limiter" – Entraîneur physique pourquoi ils se sont séparés

By | 08/15/2019

In an interview, the fitness trainer Gebhard Gritsch commented on his split with Novak” djokovic>. Gritsch had stopped working with the Serb in 2017, then he re-joined in 2018 but they ultimately split in 2019. Marco Panichi will replace Gritsch.

“I was tired after ten years of traveling. With Novak, you need to be focused every minute of the day. You’re always pushed to the limit. It’s time to do something different now”, said Gritsch. On Dominic Thiem, Gritsch added: “He has a good fitness coach, Duglas Cordero.

A nice guy. But he needs to find the right balance between activity and recovery. He needs to find where his limits are and find the right feelings preparing for tournaments and when make breaks. Life as a tennis pro can be brutal.

Many top talents couldn’t handle the traveling and adaptations. You sit on an air plane for nine hours and then after two hours you have to hit the tennis courts. Something, the Big 3 have practised to perfection. They always manage to fit their bodies to daily routines. Also, today’s methods make you feel less pain.”