Personne ne peut être comparé à Rafael Nadal, dit Alcaraz père

By | 08/12/2019

Carlos Alcaraz’s father commented on his 15-year-old son being compared to Rafael” nadal> after winning his first ATP Challenger match in Murcia. Carlos Sr. believes people should not focus on it. “Rafa has been there for 15 years, I think, so people have been looking at Carlos when he was 12.

They saw him playing, they liked him and we called us saying they were very interested in the guy and if he could play in teams. Since the 12 years, he is playing for Real Club de Tenis Barcelona. As for comparisons, no one can be compared to Rafa Nadal.

It’s just words.” “For him, competing at a professional level was never the goal. More than anything, because it’s impossible to compete with 25, 30-year-old players who have been doing it for their whole life.

Physically, it’s very complicated. In order to make a breakthrough, you need to be at a very high level in terms of technique. We played the ITF Future in Murcia because it took place at home, otherwise, we would have never gone anywhere to play a tournament like this, because we believe it’s not correct.

Nothing more. We did it, we achieved it – ATP points – he played very well. he won some very important players but we will not keep playing tournaments like this.” Alcaraz is coached by the former world No. 1 and 2003 French Open winner Juan Carlos Ferrero who has been running a