Pospisil: «Le tennis rapporte des milliards de dollars. 50-100 gars gagner sa vie

By | 08/09/2019

Vasek” pospisil> believes that more players should make a living with tennis. The Canadian spoke about it in a press conference following his loss to Felix Auger-Aliassime. Pospisil had written a column on the Globe Mail on Saturday about it.

“I’m definitely not very popular right now among the ATP. I’m pretty sure they don’t like that I’m speaking out about it. They like to keep their control and spread their information. But, yeah, it’s not very fun to see what’s happening with it, I’ll be honest.

I mean, yeah, it makes me pretty upset, so (tearing up). The next step is the players need to be together. They need to stand up, stand up to what’s happening. It’s not a very player-friendly environment. Yeah, I mean, talk about the Grand Slams, the Masters.

Obviously, the Masters have so much — I love this, we’re in Canada. I’m talking about globally. There’s a lot of Masters events. Yeah, there’s a lot of work to be done to have a voice, to have a bit of a more democratic process.

Even though it’s painted as such, it’s not the reality. I mean, c’ mon, tennis makes billions of dollars a year. It’s a huge industry. You have 50 to 100 guys that make a living. It’s impossible. I mean, it can’t be like this.

There are guys 150 in the world that are breaking even or losing money or needing the family to pay or are trying to find… 150 in the world in tennis. Yeah, if you’re top 100, it’s great. Even so, you can’t invest fully into…

They’re probably not too happy I’m talking about it. But, yeah, there’s something that needs to change. I mean, that’s for sure. I think it will grow the sport. If you have 300 guys that can earn a living instead of 100, I mean, that’s going to grow the sport.

If you think about it long-term, more people are going to be playing tennis. I mean, how sad is it? Tennis has given me an amazing life, I’m so grateful for it, like beyond what I can say even in this press conference. But how sad is it that if I have kids, I’m going to be like, Hmm.”