Pour Roger Federer, il est essentiel de jouer au tennis entraîneur

By | 08/12/2019

In an interview, Roger” federer> coach Severin Luthi gave some advice to the younger players. Luthi said: “Enjoying is the most important thing, it’s a big strength when you have it because playing tennis means you have many options: slices, topspin balls, hitting angles…

You can enjoy the variety.” Asked how a relaxing day is for him without tennis, Luthi replied: “Honestly, I like sleeping. I do not have children and so I can handle it. Since there is a lot to do in my life, I like spending time at home, for example watching a film, but I could also have a jogging session in the afternoon.”

On the eating regime in sports, Luthi concluded: “Somebody is very passionate about it, others are not, but I feel tennis players are less careful about their diet compared to a cyclist, but you can obviously benefit a lot from a right eating regime.

Also, the mental aspect of nutrition is important for me, you do not have force yourself to eat healthily, otherwise it can become a mental weight and each one needs to find his way of eating healthy and balanced. Novak Djokovic started eating mostly vegan a long time ago and he was very successful. One or two vegan players can make the trend get started.”