Quand Roger Federer est à Paris, la terre tourne autour de lui – Caujolle

By | 08/15/2019

In an interview to We Love Tennis, the Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean-Francois Caujolle commented on Roger” federer> popularity. The Swiss draws packed crowds wherever he goes, even more in France where he played the 2018 Rolex Paris Masters and 2019 French Open for the first time in years.

“He makes the crowd get to him. When Roger is here (Rolex Paris Masters), the earth turns around him”, Caujolle said. On the Marseille Open not managing to bring the Big Three in, he added: “I would like to bring Murray, Djokovic, Federer or Nadal, I fight for it!

And if one them called me one morning and said, I want to play your tournament, it would be amazing. Because this kind of players, I am not the one who makes the work. If my tournament does not fit to their schedules, it’s not even worth.

Of course if the chance is there, you have to be ready and spend money.” On the popularity of tennis in the United States, Caujolle concluded: “Tennis was never among the first five sports played there. But US Open was always the major event and the other tournaments are going strong.

Also, the average age of fans is high. In the French Open it’s close to 60. If you look at the ATP Finals in London, 18,000 people attended every session and the average age was more than 50 years. There are no families playing tennis anymore.

We have to suit to the changes. We need to create multiple sports changes. But French Open will always work, it’s fascinating. You need to have a strong and innovative Federation for it.”